Shisha Belgrade

In 2007, we have opened our famous Nargila Shop in Belgrade. Since then, we pride ourselves in being the home for shishas/hookahs in Belgrade. Our vision has always been to provide you all you’ll ever need for your shisha in one place. being in touch with you through our journey, we have learnt what is important for you to enjoy your shisha. To enhance your enjoyment, we stock all you’ll ever need to make every shisha you light a pleasurable experience. We are truly proud to be able to provide you all your shisha needs. Our friendly and highly trained team is also there to advise you. Choosing the best hookah and related products that are perfect for you is our job. We have a huge variety of shishas, tobacco, charcoal and accessories.

Shisha Belgrade - Tobacco


Did you think you need to travel far from Belgrade to enjoy a shisha? Well, you don’t. We’ve brought the mystic of the East to you here in Belgrade. You can enjoy high quality shisha tobacco when you buy any from our wide range of flavours. Our shop is located right in the heart of Belgrade where you’ll find hookah tobacco from world brands like: Al-Waha, Nakhla, Alfakher, Amy Gold and Ice Rockz. Just some of the popular flavours we offer you include: apple, grapes, cherry, lemon, mint, strawberry, peach, blueberry, apricot, guava and vanilla.

Shisha Belgrade - Hookah


As we are the home of shishas in Belgrade, we don’t limit your choice. We are proud to offer you top quality shishas from the top brands in the world. Our assortment of hookahs are made by world-leading companies like: Aladin, Amy, Amir’s and 4 Stars. The hookahs we select to offer you are carefully chosen to insure they meet your requirements – Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. At the home of shishas in Belgrade, you will always find what you’re looking for. Our range of include hookahs in several shapes, sizes and materials. Some of hookahs even come with LED lights, we meant it when we said ‘we don’t limit your choice’. What you can always be assured of is that every hookah price, quality and durability is the best you can find anywhere. At our central Belgrade store, you’ll truly be spoiled for choice with the variety of products we stock.

Shisha Belgrade - Accessories


Our missions at Nargila Shop Beograd is to meet all your shisha/hookah requirements. At our store, we ensure you’ll find all what you need to keep your hookah working and looking as you like. Our huge selection of accessories is carefully selected to offer you anything from hookah bases, adapters, hoses, mouthpieces, rubber rings to valves, tongs or hookah bowls. Some of our accessories are not simply spare parts but are also things to add to your hookah experience. Choose from different products like coal containers, brushes to keep your hookah clean or charcoal electric heaters.

Shisha Belgrade - Coal


Now that you’ve picked the best shisha from us, you’ll need the quality of charcoal to light it with is as good. You can choose the best charcoal from top brands like Tom Cococha, Forty Four and Cocobel. Our wide range of charcoal is carefully selected make sure you enjoy lighting your hookah. As not every hookah smoker’s needs are the same, you’ll find we can offer you different types of charcoal at different prices and package sizes. At Nargila Shop Beograd we truly have all you’ll ever need under 1 roof so you don’t have to worry where to find anything for your shisha.

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