Alpha Hookah

The ALPHA HOOKAH company occupies a leading position in the world in the production and sale of components. The main emphasis is on providing customers with quality products that meet all Russian and international standards.
Alpha Hookah Model X – a product that changed the industry.
The iconic Model X is with vertical airflow, magnetic connector and removable diffuser. Thanks to these features, the Model X became the company’s sales flagship and gained fans around the world. The skeleton and the immersed part of the shaft are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is completely maintenance-free. The reliable polyacetal base does not absorb odors, is not subject to corrosion and also does not require maintenance. The removable diffuser allows you to change the level of draft and makes it practically silent.

Materials used:
– Stainless steel (submersible part of the shaft, skeleton, bowl connector, saucer, removable diffuser, mouthpiece spout)
– Anodized aluminum (plate, mouthpiece)
– Polyacetal (shaft base, magnetic connector)
– Silicone (hose, set of seals)

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