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    Company Name:
    Yala Habibi d.o.o.

    Company Location:
    Kneginje Zorke 41, Belgrade

    Company ID: 21075728
    Tax ID: 108828706

    Activity code:4639

    Main Activity (Serbian):
    Nespecijalizovana trgovina hranom, pićem i duvanom

    Contact e-mail:

    Contact phone:
    +381 11 3441 585

    Kneginje Zorke 41

    Belgrade, Serbia

    +381 11 3441 585

    +381 60 374 7222

    Sales email:

    Nargila Shop Belgrade

    Welcome to Nargila Shop Belgrade where we pride ourselves in providing you the best nargile/shisha, flavours, accessories and spare parts for shishas. At Nargila Shop, our aim to always offer you the best quality products at the lowest price possible. Choose from any of our products below to maximize your nargila (hookah, shisha, sheehsa) experience use.

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