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Nargila Shop (Hookah Shop) was founded in 2007 in Belgrade as part of the company EL NIL COMPANY doo, which is dealing with the import and sales of hookahs, charcoal, aromas and molasses tobacco for hookahs.

From the company EL NIL COMPANY doo, within which the Arabic Cafe Bar YALA HABIBI was opened in March 2010, was separated company YALA HABIBI d.o.o. at the beginning of 2015, in Belgrade. Hookah cafe in Belgrade Yala Habibi worked as a hookah bar in the city center until the middle of 2018, where you could enjoy various flavors of hookah, Arabic teas and coffee in a pleasant atmosphere of Egyptian music.

Over time, the entire business of importing and selling all products was transferred to the company YALA HABIBI d.o.o. which has become an official representative of many well-known brands of world-renowned producers of tobacco and hookah aromas, hookahs and accessories as well as hookah charcoal.

From the diverse offer of all products, we single out the best quality aromas and hookah tobacco:
Starbuzz Tobacco, 187 Tobacco, Scent Tobacco, Jibiar Tobacco, Al Fakher Tobacco, Al Waha Tobacco, HolsterTobacco, Tipsy Tobacco,Element Tobacco, Darkside Tobacco;

hookahs and hookah accessories:
Aladin, Amy, Geometry hookah, Oduman, Nargila Shop, Smokah, Rico’s;

 charcoal briquettes and hookah charcoal:
TOM Coco, Black Coco’s.

In our Nargila Shop online store, you can find out about the offer, prices, for each product that is on offer and order each product that will be delivered to you by courier service to your home address at the right time.

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